This week’s news & prayer requests for Christmas Camp 2011

We are officially under the 40 day to go mark until Christmas Camp 2011 begins. Time is flying by as we get ready for the arrival of our 12 orphan guests, their caregiver, and our two translators from Ukraine.

Here are some items of news/prayer/praise as camp approaches:

  1. Things are progressing well in getting visas for our travel party. The kids and orphanage staff had their appointment at the US embassy today, and we heard that all went smoothly. We are appreciative for all the great work that the Consular Section of the US Embassy in Kyiv does to process these visas and to make it possible for these kids to travel. Kudos!!!
  2. Pray for the hearts of the kids that are coming. God has a special plan for their lives, and this trip is part of it. Please join us in asking God to prepare them for all that they will expereince and to use it to encourage them and to show them His love.
  3. Please pray for our team. We are in 100%, full speed ahead camp preparation mode. Pray that God will maximize our time and focus as we prepare, and that He will prepare us for the task of pouring into these kids.
  4. Please continue to pray that God will provide the resources that we need for camp. We are still a little short of our financial needs to accomplish this year’s camp. We are confident in God and His provision. We covet your prayers as we faithfully ask and
    New Orleans

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    trust God for what we need.

  5. This year, we have partnering churches/ministries in Gulfport. Jackson, MS, and New Orleans who will be hosting the group for a day as well as a number of churches/ministries/individuals from throughout the Southeast that will be joining us to take part in camp. Thanks for including them in your prayers. They are important to us, and we can’t wait to see what God is going to do with and through them!!!

Well, that’s it for now. We would love to hear from you. Give us a shout on twitter (@promise_139) or email us at info@promise 139.

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Just 6 Weeks Until Christmas Camp….Here Are Our Current Prayer Needs

TIme is flying by, nad we are fast approaching the anticipated arrival of our Ukrainian guests. Here are some specific things that you can be praying for this week as our preparations continue.

  1. Some of those selcted to travel have a visa interview appointment at the US embassy on November 18. This will mean travel to Kyiv for 6 of the kids and a caregiver, and a number of other logistical details to be worked out (wiring money, etc.). Please pray that everything will go smoothly, that everyone will have safe travel, and that all visas will be granted without difficulty.
  2. The children who have been selected to come by the Children’s Home Director have been informed that they have been chosen. Each of the two previous years, health issues or travel documents have prevented some of the selected children from actually coming to Mississippi. Please pray that all the children will remain well and eligible to travel.
  3. Please pray for the orphanage caregiver who will be accompanying the children. She is taking on many extra tasks (paperwork, travel, etc.) to make this trip possible. Please pray for her strength and safety as she accomplishes these tasks.
  4. Please pray for our Ukrainian translators who will be traveling with the group. They are a crucial part of our team. Pray that they are physically and emotionally well and ready for the task.
  5. Pray for the P139 Board and key volunteers who are attempting to complete the camp schedule, coordinate travel, plan activities, plan meals, prepare devotionals, and many other details.

Thank you for praying with us. We will be updating our prayer needs at least weekly as camp approaches. Please check back for updates!