6 Ways You Can Help Orphan Hosting This Christmas

Here are 6 practical ways that you can be involved in the orphan hosting ministry of Promise 139:

  1. Pray, Pray, Pray – As we get closer to Christmas Camp 2011, a million little details seem to mount up. Pray that all of the final planning and preparation will continue smoothly. Pray that governmental permissions and visas will be issued on time and without issues for all of the kids and adults who are planning to travel. Pray that all in the traveling party will stay healthy and be able to travel.
  2. Plan to volunteer – There will be opportunities for folks to help with meals, crafts, day trips, cleaning, games, and many other parts of our hosting program. Soon, we will be publishing a more detailed schedule for Christmas Camp 2011 so you can make plans, but if you would be interested in volunteering, please let us know.
  3. Donate a meal or an experience – We have opportunities for individuals, Sunday school classes, churches or businesses ot partner with us to donate a meal or an outing or experience for the kids. We will have a limited number of opportunities for off-site activities & meals or you can bring something to the camp. We would love the help!
  4. Make Promise 139 a mission project for your church or group – We have some opportunities for church mission teams or youth groups to come serve with the kids. Contact us to plan a trip down to be part of this awesome ministry opportunity. We are working on housing options for groups that come from out of town this year.
  5. Come see what orphan hosting is all about – Perhaps your church or ministry is interested in beginning an orphan hosting program like Promise 139. We have opportunities for groups to come and spend some time with us to experience orphan hosting firsthand! Contact us for more information to set up a visit.
  6. Give – Promise 139 is a completely independent non-profit ministry with all volunteer leadership. Each year God has provided the resources to fund our projects through the generosity of many kind individuals and businesses. Perhaps you might consider a gift to Promise 139 this Christmas season or even making Promise 139 a part of your church’s budget or your regular charitable giving.

For more information about any of these opportunities, contact us at info@promise139.org